Buying insurance for your boat is an important decision and comparing policies can quickly become confusing. While two policies may look identical on the surface, a policyholder would not want to learn about their differences after a claim. We have the expertise to help you determine which coverages are necessary to protect your boat from the start.

A boat policy from a marine insurance company is typically for boats 26 feet and below in length. These marine policies offer broader coverage than a policy offered through many auto and home companies. We sell marine policies to ensure you get the broadest range of coverage.

Types of small boats we insure:

  • Runabouts
  • Bass Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Jet Boats
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Classic Boats
  • Sailboats

Five questions to ask before purchasing boat insurance:

1. Why do I need a marine policy on a boat under 26 feet?

  • Marine policies provide coverage on a broad “All-Risk” basis, meaning you have coverage if the coverage is not excluded in the policy. Typical exclusions may include Wear & Tear, Gradual Deterioration, Weathering, Osmosis or Blistering, Manufacturer’s Defects, Depreciation on Machinery, and a few others. Coverage for manufacturer’s defects may be available by endorsement.
  • A marine boat policy may offer coverage for any sudden or accidental mechanical breakdown and cover consequential damage even if the mechanical portion is not covered.
  • Marine policies include the following coverages: Uninsured Boater, Personal Effects, Towing, Pollution Liability, Medical Payments, and Salvage.

2. Do I have an Agreed Value Policy?

  • Agreed Value Coverage means that the amount you have the vessel insured for is what you are paid in the event of a total loss. There is no depreciation or adjustment down to the current market value.
  • When a partial loss occurs, items may depreciate, including machinery, canvases, and a few others.

3. Are you buying insurance from a marine specialist?

  • Your agent and the insurance company they put you with should all be well-versed in Boat 101.
  • You want a marine specialist to handle any claim you may have versus an auto adjuster.

4. Can my company make a marina or storage facility an Additional Insured?

  • A marine policy requires a company to make a marina or storage facility an additional insured. A non-marine policy is not able to do this.

5. At what age will my outboard depreciate on a total loss?

  • Depreciation on an outboard can vary between 3-7 years of engine age.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This summary provides only a simplified description of insurance coverages in general and is not a statement of contract. For complete details of coverages, conditions, limits and losses not covered, be sure to read the actual policies, including all endorsements.